Couples Therapy

I enjoy working with couples of all ages, genders and sexual orientations, at all phases of relationship, whether you are just starting to date or have been married for years. I create and firmly uphold a supportive space that can potentially assist you both to:

  • Understand and resolve your conflicts and painful dynamics.
  • Take responsibility for your choices and contributions to relationship issues and your efforts to change them.
  • Explore and experience how defensiveness and wounding from the past can either impede or illuminate the way forward.
  • Find common ground and mutual respect.
  • Augment your strengths and develop your growing edges.
  • Learn new behaviors and responses that are mutually supportive and fulfilling.

If you both do the hard work of confronting yourselves and risk getting more real and vulnerable with one another, you grow as individuals and will likely find the best way through whatever challenges you as a couple.

This often leads to a closer, more vital and more secure relationship.

Mutual support and respect – shared passion, playfulness and ease – all the hallmarks of truly loving and being loved – can and often do (re) emerge in your relationship together.